The Secret to Getting an Agent

July 20, 2018

I have been asked many times... "How can I get an agent?" The truth is, there are many different paths to securing an agent.


Before I shell out my advice, you might want to know a little about my background. I am a Talent Agent at 10MGMT in Chicago. I have also worked as an actor, Casting Assistant, and Production associate in New York and LA.


I have been on both sides of the camera and both sides of the "table," and have witnessed thousands, and I mean thousands, of auditions, workshops, classes, etc.  I have worked with some of the top Casting Directors, actors, and agents in the industry. 


Through my personal experience, along with advice from other top professionals, here are a few key steps to take if you want to obtain an agent:



Attend Showcases/ Audition for Plays


Agents and Managers are constantly seeking new hot talent. They are attending showcases, workshops, and plays weekly… if they aren't, their assistant is. You never know who will be in the audience, and you never know when it will be your big break. As my mother always told me, "People aren't going to come knocking on your door." It is YOUR job to get out, be aggressive, and work hard. The right people will find you along the way.



Attend Casting Director Workshops/Seminars and Acting Classes.


As an artist, it is always important to stay in training. Even people who are booking multiple times a week should always be pushing themselves and working on their craft. Those who think they "made it" and no longer need classes are wrong. Casting Director workshops are a great way to be seen and get your name/face out there. Who knows... They may remember you from class and want to call you in for a specific role. Important Note: You should NEVER have to pay for an Agent or Manager.  However; I do suggest investing in workshops and acting classes. Networking is huge.





Again, back to networking. The more people you meet along the way, the more connections you make. It's that simple. Let me break it down for you... Mary books a job by herself and works on set with Billy. Billy is signed with blank and asks Mary who she's repped by. Mary tells Billy that she doesn't have rep. Billy contacts his agent and sends along Mary's headshot and resume. Mary's gets seen by agent. Mary gets signed. 




I cannot say this enough. You. are. your. own. brand. It is your responsibility to be your own boss, stylist, PR rep, health coach, motivational coach, and much more. As an actor/model, it is your job to manage your own schedule, build an audience, take care of your appearance, and always be prepared. How you decide to dress, style your hair, or post on social media all represents YOU. Your character. Your personality. Your image.


You are your own package, and that package is what people do or do not want to work with. Someone negative, "diva" esk, not bathed, not dedicated, are all turn-offs and no-nos. What Agent/Managers DO want is someone positive with great energy, They are seeking professionals who take the business seriously. 


Things to do:

Stay positive

Be Professional 

Maintain your image (don't do anything drastic like dye/cut your hair if your head shots are one way. Be consistent with your look)

Be prepared (always be at least 5 min early And have headshot resume on you)

Side note... I can't tell you the amount of times I've been asked do I need a headshot/comp card? This is just a silly question. ALWAYS be over prepared. Keep it in your bag. 

Have your own website and build your social media accounts. 

(On your website, include headshot, resume, reel, etc.)

If used correctly, social media/Instagram can be your greatest marketing tool.  

Build your audience. Create your brand.


Take these steps.  Stir in your talent. And you will get that Agent/Manager you have always dreamed of. 

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