December 31, 2017

 What a year it has been! 


For me, 2017 meant taking chances.  Getting off my butt and trying something new. It's so easy to make excuses and say I'll do that later-- or next week-- or next year.  This year was all about doing it NOW.  Life is too short to wait until later-- my biggest advice I can give to you is start now. My mom always told me if you imagine something in your head, a dream, a scenario, of how you WANT life to go, eventually it will turn out that way.  Your mind is MUCH stronger than you think. 


Who would have thunk I would LOVE vegetables? If only I knew that if you drizzle some olive oil and pop them in the oven then sprinkle some garlic salt on top they would taste like candy?  I have Kev to thank but still-- I TRIED SOMETHING NEW!   But in all seriousness, this year I faced my fears and went for it.  Starting a blog is scary-- will it be successful? What if I only have 500 followers? Do people care what I have to say?  What if I fail? It isn't easy being vulneralbe to the world and letting everyone in on your life. 


So far, my blog has been pretty pictures of outfits I love, or inspiration, yada yada yada.  This next year I would like to become more vulnerable and share more of who I am, and what MY life is all about.  It isn't easy-- but we will give it a shot!


I encourage you to write down some things you are proud of this year -- it will be fun to look back and see what was going on in your brain December of 2017.  Sometimes I look back at things I wrote in the past and I'm like who is that person?? Def wasn't me... but IT WAS. Because you grow and change and it's hysterical and fun to see the evolving wonderful human you are.


AND NOW TO FASHION-- tonight is NEW YEARS EVE baby baby.  If you still have no idea what to wear, I have linked some cute fashion ideas for ya.



1. black dress and a faux fur coat with heels-- not too shabby

2. Sequin is in -- pair a sequence skirt with a black top, or even all black with a sequin little blazer


I HOPE YOU ALL have a healthy and safe NEW YEARS!








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