The Secret to Going for it All

August 2, 2017

How many times have you been told to focus in your life?  Pick one career and settle on that.  God forbid you should spread yourself too thin... From the time we start college, we are forced to choose one major and put all our energies into that.  Well, what if we have more than one passion in life? What if we can't  limit ourselves to a single path?  What if life is just too short to not want to try it all?  


Kaitlyn Mikayla, a powerhouse artist, decided she didn't have to choose acting over screenwriting, photography over modeling, or web design over social media. 


This inspirational boss-lady has the secret to conquering it all.


Hi Kaitlyn!  Please tell us about yourself... What are you passionate about?


    I’m passionate about stories and visual art. I’ve always had a penchant for film since my Dad put on E.T. The Extra Terrestrial for me as a kid, coupled with spending our summers in Los Angeles, surrounded by the film industry. 

And I’ve always been a lover of stories. I think the power to invoke thought in others and to capture the attention of the masses for 90 minutes is the ultimate privilege. I’m passionate about stories that cause an audience to question their thinking and their lives. I want to move people. But more importantly, I want to use the power of visual storytelling to advocate women’s rights and LGBTQ rights which are so incredibly important to me. 

Like most of us, you must have been told that you can only be successful in life if you concentrate on one career. 


How did you have the courage to go against society and go for it all?


    I didn’t have the courage from the get-go. I was very much a one-track mind, aiming for a film career as an actress, but never thought I could end up pursuing so many different things in the industry. I grew up in a small town in the midwest where the opportunities are scant. I felt like I had wasted my youth in sleepy towns and that nothing was every going to happen to me or for me. I really tried my best to seize New York when I came to the city on my own as a teenager. It took some trial and error, but I finally feel like I’m on a path to success. 

But above all, It definitely took a lot of support and encouragement from my family, friends and mentors to chase all of the dreams I have. 


What do you say to people who say you can't do it all... and do it all well?


    I urge them to just watch me. ;) (And when that doesn’t hold clout, I send them photographs of my childhood motocross days, when I used beat all the boys… That usually does the trick.)  


What is your secret to being confident and believing in yourself?


    Truly fake it until you make it. I’ve only recently found pieces of confidence and feel as if I’m still looking for it! I think the ultimate trick is to reflect on your life and how far you’ve come. That and having a solid support system to boost you up along the way. 


What is the one secret advice you would give other women who are trying to decide what to do with their life?


    Take some time to discover yourself. Sign up for that dance class you’ve been thinking about, visit the country you’re dreaming of, do something you’ve always wanted to. Life always seems to work itself out when you’re not paying attention — so do YOU!


You are a screenwriter, actor, model, photographer, web designer etc. What are the 5 secret ingredients needed to succeed in the Entertainment field?


    Connections, Ambition, Resilience, Positivity, and the Courage to go against the grain. 


At secret girl, there is nothing we love more than Secrets.  Please tell us something that you have never shared with anybody ever before.

The only way I can fall asleep is to old foreign films in black and white. 



-Secret Girl

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