Celebritized in Chicago

August 4, 2017


Chicago may be the "Second City," but this Midwestern girl is second to none when it comes to being the ULTIMATE girlboss.  For those of you who don't know Shanna Lakin, this "it-girl" has it all.  She is drop dead gorgeous, business-savy, and trendy AF. Shanna's blog--Celebritized In Chicago-- is a must-read for everyone who is interested in fashion, lifestyle, beauty & more.

Proudly reppin' the North Shore, meet my girl @shanlakes


Favorite clothing brand?


I love all the new brands and designers coming out. Although I want to say anything off Revolve.. Misha Collection has become my go-to with formal dresses, I'm a big fan of Lovers + Friends, LNA, & T by Alexander Wang.


Something you can't live without?


My German Shepherd, Dash! 


Cocktail of choice?


Funny you should ask... my friends make fun of me because I either drink NOTHING or EVERYTHING. So for me, it's either iced tea or throwing back a couple shots (haha) - but when I do get cocktails my favorite is a greyhound (grapefruit + vodka). 


Celebrity crush?


I would say Ryan Gosling has consistently been my #1 over the years...but you also won't catch me turning down Scott Disick or a very young Leo (I like the bad boys!) I have a few serious Bachelor crushes, but I know I'll get made fun of for them. 


Flats or heels?




Go-to travel outfit?


Leggings and an off the shoulder sweater! I like to be super comfortable but still look somewhat cute...because you never know who you'll run into at the airport!


How did your husband propose?!

He totally tricked me and told me we were going to dinner with our friends at a restaurant next to our apartment that allows dogs (Erie Cafe). When we were walking there, he told me he got our dog a gift, and when he got down to put it on her said he got me one too. Obviously, I was shocked about the proposal! I then said we need to call our family!! He told me to wait until we got upstairs, so I was shocked to open the apartment door that I was just in 5 minutes ago to our entire family and lots of friends. His family came all the way from Michigan on a Thursday, so needless to say I was in complete shock.


Jennifer of Angelina?




Least favorite household chore?


The dishes- the other day I asked my husband at what age we could hypothetically start our "kids" on doing chores such as the dishes.


Which current fashion trend do you hate?


I don't hate it because I currently have 20 of these in my closet, but I am very over off the shoulder tops. It was so overdone (kinda like when you hear your favorite song on the radio just one too many times). But, the new trend, which I love,  that took its place is the asymmetrical + one shoulder tops. 


What is your secret to crushing life?


Still trying to get this one down...I feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day. I try to wake up as early as possible to get everything in. I wake up at 7am and try to finish all my work + daily exerciseby 5pm so that I can spend the whole night with my husband, dog, friends, family, whoever. It doesn't always work out like that because a few days a week I will get hit with last minute projects that come up after hours, and I'll end up spending the night on the couch working on my laptop. When I feel overwhelmed I make lists so that I can slowly start checking things off and visually seeing what I've gotten done and what I still need to do.

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