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HI Everybody! I'm Jaclyn Sage, the future Real Housewife of Chicago... oh wait. That isn't a thing. But if and when it is, CALL ME!

I am a 29 year-old girl in Chicago living with my runt goldendoodle Murphy and my New York Fiance Kevin. After five magical years in NYC, I relocated home to Chicago to be closer to family.

I've worked in the entertainment industry all of my life. Literally. I started acting professionally when I was 8 years old (thanks to my stage mother who I adore). I've lived on both coasts and friends who know me best would describe me as a sweet Midwestern girl with a New York edge and an LA vibe. But it doesn't stop there. Now for the good stuff... They would also say I am a hypochondriac and a neurotic grandma (because I leave a party by 8 and am in bed by 9). And we cannot forget loud, quirky, and weird.

Oh, and by day I am a Talent Agent with 10 Talent in Chicago.

Through my personal journey and interactions within my life, business, family & friends,  there is one common denominator that has always made me, "ME" --  not giving a flying F what anyone else thinks.  Sure, it can be a struggle at times, but when you let go of what other people think, you are suddenly set free.  Whether that's rocking a certain outfit you didn't think you could pull off, talking about mental health issues, or taking a risk in business, it's all about taking chances and making waves.

On my crazy and fun adventures, I have come across the most interesting and amazing people. Every one of them has a story to tell, an obstacle they've had to overcome, and a time they had to say, "Screw the haters!" What I am trying to say is, the most interesting people often live complicated lives and everything isn't always perfect. Once you let go of trying to be "perfect" and embrace the dirty messy flaws within you, the true beauty comes out. Perfect is boring.

Jaclyn Sage is a place to learn the secret to letting go and becoming the truest version of you. The blog will be filled with ingenious secrets from real-life experts, friends, family and even some celebrities in an ongoing quest to help us all live a happier, more fabulous life. 

You have control over your own life. Let's make waves.




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